Personal Injury

Personal injury sometimes has an irreversible impact on those who experience it. At best, it’s inconvenient and painful; at worst, personal injury can take away your ability to function, the ability to earn an income, limbs, and even life. While I realize that no amount of money is enough to replace these losses, the justice system strives to bring as much wholeness as possible to those who suffer. When you call Galliher Law, you’re calling an attorney with over twenty years of experience in this arena. My focus is on helping you heal and return to as much wholeness as possible. I do this by working to get you compensation such that your focus can be on rebuilding your life, as opposed to worrying about money.

There are no upfront costs unless the case is won.

Galliher Law represent clients in the following areas of personal injury law:
•    Motorcycle Accidents
•    Cyclist Accidents
•    Pedestrian Accidents
•    Wrongful Death
•    Premises Liability
•    Slip and Fall/Trip and Fall Accidents
•    Dog Bites

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